Thursday, November 17, 2011



SERVICE - Really don't know where to begin with the Pita Grill. The servers aren't uniformed. You can't tell who is who in this place. One waiter was servicing the entire eatery and also appeared to be managing it as well. Very confusing. Took a long time in the areas of taking our order down to getting us the bill. What I also felt was very inappropriate was when our waiter/manager kept coming up to our table and others showcasing plates. I'm all for up-selling dishes and etc, but in this case, if I already placed my order I don't need you to show me the plates of other customers, and I'm pretty sure they probably wouldn't care to see mine.

FOOD - (LAMB GYRO PLATTER)This platter when ordered contains off the grill lamb pieces, a grilled salad, and a side of hummus. The ONLY tastiest part in this dish would be the lamb. It's juicy and you do taste the chars off the grill. Unfortunately, I really wish I could say the same for the grilled salad and hummus. I do like grilled style salads, but in this case the tomato was soggy. The hummus had a bland flavor and tasted as if it had been sitting out all day. 

Aside from the lamb being the best part of my entire experience, I was impressed with my drink container. It is a clear jar shaped glass. Pita Grill, If you want to showcase. Showcase that!!!

ATMOSPHERE -  This place give off a brick oven feel the moment you walk into the door. But the moment you sit down all the confusion begins. You feel as if you aren't a valued customer.

RECOMMENDATION - Stay away! As my husband would say, "Do yourself, your taste buds and your stomach the favor!!" For all those who want to use this place for a lunch or dinner date, please keep away.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Amelia's - Jersey City, New Jersey

SAT, SUN (10AM TO 11.30PM)

SERVICE - Very kind attentive waiters. They are uniformed and polite. Greeted right away as soon as you enter the door. Seating doesn't seem to be an issue because you are given the opportunity to pick and choose where you want to sit. You get to pick indoors or outdoors.

FOOD - (CRAB CAKE SLIDERS)  - This is a crab cake patty enclosed in a warm thick oven-fresh bun. Within each bite from this slider exists a slight crunch from the outer layer of the crab cake and a smooth finish with the taste of seasoned crab. Delicious. Also next to these sliders you will find crispy fries. The fries aren't greasy or too salty. This is a perfect side to a crab cake slider.

(Chicken Chipotle Club)- This is a chicken chipotle sandwich topped with bacon , Swiss cheese, and avocado. Perfect combination. Again you will find that fresh oven baked bread in this sandwich too. Chicken was tender and full of flavor. The avocado brought out a soft feel in your mouth in each bite. Instead of fries, this dish offered a side salad. Even though if I did love the sandwich I think that the offer for a dressing would of been a bit suitable. At least offer, you might have some customers that would want it. 

ATMOSPHERE -Very quiet and peaceful. The waiters calm voices and friendly tones allow to feel stress- free when ordering for you and your partner. The place makes you feel like you have all the time in the world and to get to know who you are with and no feeling of rush. As you walk into the bistro the smooth jazz music will hover the entire place. Some of it can also still be heard from the seats outside. If you are on a romantic brunch or dinner date, this is a great mood setter.

RECOMMENDATION - Perfect place for a Sunday brunch. It will be impressive to your date with the service quality and foods. Location is close by to the Essex Street light rail station and other local transportation and piers.

Friday, October 14, 2011

La Sierra Coffee - Bayonne, New Jersey

La Sierra Coffee
473 Broadway Avenue
Bayonne, NJ 07002
(201) 858-8141

La Sierra Coffee is a cafe that I have been watching for about a few weeks. I never really went inside to try anything for the simple fact that I'm always on the go. Finally, on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning, while in the area, a big sign on the window caught my eyes. It read "Back to school special". Now normally, when a customer passes by the window you would think that you PROBABLY have to show some sort of identification indicating you are a student. Trust me, I have been to cafes where you are asked to show id's for being a student!! I decided to step in and see what this "Back to School Special" was. Here is my review.

Service - You are greeted almost immediately by the staff with a friendly hello. Staff very knowledgeable about the menu and are also willing to give suggestions for the undecided customers. They have uniformed aprons. Fast service, food served hot on the spot, and a clean environment.

Food - (Back to School Special aka. Egg, Bacon, and Cheese on a Croissant w/ Coffee) This was the infamous "Back to School Special" I was longing to try. The Croissant was humongous. Most places I have gone to in the past have given me a croissant half the size. As I took a bite from the croissant, The cheese expanded about 4 inches off my mouth. So good. Bacon was crispy and contained the perfect amount of saltiness to the eggs. In reference to the coffee, you are asked how you would like it prepared. I was frightened to tell the staff how I wanted it because most times in cafes I have experienced either too much milk and less sugar, and the other way around. But as I sat down with my gigantic croissant with the lovely melting cheese, my coffee was done just right. This was such a surprise to me.

Atmosphere - The moment you step into the coffee shop, you will hear Spanish music. This reminded me of my Saturday mornings with my father as he made breakfast for me and my two sisters. What an enjoyable memory! To your immediate left, a large window appears which will allow you to enjoy sitting down and chatting with friends as you look out. By the register, extra baked goods are on a display window where cookies, cakes, and croissants are some of the items you will find. What I found was very amusing at the shop was the tables. They each are mapped with countries from central and south America.

Recommendation - Yes! Of Course!! This is a great coffee shop to impress any date or friend. Definitely try the "Back to school" special.  No waiting in line. Great coffee. Also, it is located near the light rail station on 22nd street, about two blocks up from the station and shopping strip of Bayonne, NJ.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


70 Greene St
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 360-3476

CITYSIDE BISTRO is an eatery in historical downtown Jersey City, NJ. It is located in the financial district near exchange place. CITYSIDE BISTRO was opened by Micheal Sims Jr. He emailed me one day and told me to try out his new fall menu for CITYSIDE BISTRO, which just opened about 3 months earlier. As soon as I got the message to join him, I called immediately to let him know that I would love to taste and experience this fall menu and to give some input. What critic wouldn't? After tasting the dishes, some had made the list of tasteful and some did not. This blog is to tell you what dishes you might find in CITYSIDE BISTRO'S upcoming fall menu.The good ones of course, I wouldn't steer you wrong.

1. LOBSTER AND CRAB PIZZA - This is a sensational upgrade to the everyday pizza. You taste the flavors of the lobster and crab with every bite. Even with these full flavors of the seafood combined together, you are still reminded that it is a pizza with its crunch and all the components of the dough, yeast, crust, and etc. are not overwhelmed with only the taste of the crab and lobster.

2. PORK CHOP WITH BRANDY SAUCE - The Brandy sauce in this dish was delightful. Not too strong and full flavor in every bite. The pork chop was so tender and perfectly cooked, cutting it was like cutting butter. Delicious. This dish is also served with some roasted potatoes that do absorb all the light brandy sauce perfectly.

3. STUFFED PORTOBELLO WITH SHRIMP, FETA CHEESE, AND TRUFFLE OIL DRIZZLE. - Now for this dish, I just want to stay that I am a sucker for mushrooms. Especially portobello. If you want to get on my good side, please serve me this dish. The portobello mushroom was full of flavor. The shrimp was cooked to perfection. Garlic flavor brings out the mushroom's natural earthiness and the fragrance enhances it. The feta cheese balances with its creamy and saltiness in this dish.

4. WARM BUTTERNUT SQUASH AND SWEET POTATO SALAD - If anything says fall it would be the butternut squash salad. It contains a variety of components such as roasted peppercorns, red peppers, onions, and shallots.  The crunch of the bacon bits and sweetness from the sweet potato will welcome you into the fall season with just one forkful of this salad. 


RECOMMENDATION - Definitely drop by the CITYSIDE BISTRO to try out the new fall menu. The area is located near the pier area of Exchange Place. Close to path trains,lite rail, and buses.

 An upcoming review of service, atmosphere, other foods, and etc. will be in the making within a few weeks. CHECK IT OUT!! Hope to see you there!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


10 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10019-1158
(212) 823-9366

September 9, 2011

I have a sweet tooth. Right after lunch with my sister, she told me of a spot in Columbus Circle, 59th street stop. I agreed to go. Here is my review of the bakery. 

SERVICE: Waiter is very attentive. He spoke with a very soft calm voice. Clean area. Polite staff. Uniformed. Getting the attention of the waiter was an ease. You simply rose your hand and someone would come to the table.

FOOD: (Chocolate Bouchons) This is a chocolate overload dessert all you chocolate lovers!! I loved it. It is a chocolate brownie dessert shaped like a shot glass topped with powdered sugar. In the side of the brownie lays a scoop of chocolate ice cream on top of crumbled chocolate cookies. Don't forget the side of caramel. It has rich, strong flavors. You can't go wrong ordering this. It also contains that hot and cold combo for those desserts I love.

(Profiteroles) Profiteroles is a dessert in this bakery that is a flaky, crunchy bread sandwiching a rich scoop of vanilla ice cream. Sort of like an ice cream sandwich, only better. This dessert will bring a  flaky melody of flavors in your mouth. Richness of flavors. Optional to put hot fudge on the top. Of course, I had to do it.

(Grown up Soda - Ginger Ale) All I'm going to say is that if you are an adult, please try this. It is an all natural soda 100%. It still taste like ginger ale, only healthier. So please, if you are going to this bakery treat yourself and your date to this.

ATMOSPHERE: Very metropolitan financial district. Modern feel. Calm atmosphere, doesn't give you that rush feel. Other bakeries also can be found all over the 3rd floor. But this place will be found right in the middle. Immediately as you go up the escalators to the bakery you will smell the foods all over the area.

RECOMMENDATION: Yes!! This is a great spot to have dessert with your date. The area would impress whoever you are with as well. Every staff member at the Bouchon bakery is very polite and professional. They make the experience of being waited on a masterpiece.


Haru Hana
28 West 32nd Street
New york, NY 10001
September 2, 2011

I really haven't seen my sister in quite sometime, so we both decided to grab lunch in NYC. Naturally, I told her to pick a place of her choice, I'm always open for new things. As we got off the path station on 33rd street, we walked down Korea Way. This is a strip of anything Korean and Japanese. Shops, eateries, and bakeries flooded the strip. We came across this one place called Haru Hana. It is a fusion restaurant that has a menu divided into Japanese and Korean foods.
Here is my review of what I ate

SERVICE: Greeted at the door. Staff is uniformed. Grade A. Waiter was seldom attentive. When I say this, I do mean that when a waiter sees an empty glass on the table, it should be refilled.

FOOD; (Octopus with pork bell hot peppers) If you are looking for a real hot spicy dish, this would be it. Just make sure you have a glass of milk next to you to calm each bite. This dish was superb. Octopus, which can easily be overcooked, can be tough. But in this dish, It was cooked so perfectly that as you ate each bite it broke off easily into your mouth and exploded with the flavors of the green and red peppers. It is accompanied with a cup of white rice, so you can decide for yourself if you want to go hardcore and just each the peppers or fuse it with some of the rice. Great either way. Along with the peppers, onions, garlic and red pepper flakes this dish is the perfect for those in the mood for spice.

(Pineapple Saki) Not quite the Saki fan. Don't ask, but I'll just say that I've had some traumatizing ones..hehe. The pineapple Saki has a rustic flavor of cider that just blankets over your mouth and touches your taste buds and nostrils. The flavor does linger for about a minute. Real nice. Perfect combo to start off the octopus dish.

ATMOSPHERE: Inside this restaurant you will feel as if you are sitting underneath a cherry blossom tree. No for real!! it is a cherry blossom tree decor inside the place. For those of you who are on a first date. This is my recommendation. Very romantic. All around the restaurant hangs traditional Japanese paintings. You really do get the Asian experience as you walk into the place and look around.

RECOMMENDATION:  Yes. This place is perfect for a lunch date. Just make sure you aren't working when you do go only because the wait time for the dish is a tad bit longer than expected. This place would also be great for a romantic dinner date with a night out in NYC. It is close to the path station on 33rd street and near by shopping areas.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


NEW YORK, N.Y 10009

After visiting the MOMA, my sister and I got hungry. I was in the mood for some sort of dessert. Right across from the MOMA, stood a tiny spot which I naturally wanted to try out. Sushi and dessert, you can't go wrong I thought. Here is my review.  I hope this will help you out with your choices.

Service The moment you arrive , you definetly are greeted at the door and seated with menus. It is the standard treatment a good restaurant would normally give you. No surprises or anything spectacular. Waitresses are kind and up to par with the menu choices. All staff is uniformed and the place is well kept. Waitresses, although knowledge of the menu, don't make recommendations. This is not good only for the mere fact that if you come across a customer who needs help with making a choice, that attitude will definitely make that customer not want to comeback.

Atmosphere - As you walk down the stairs, to enter the restaurant, you will see the sushi bar to your immediate left. No seats for the sushi bar area though. So if you are deciding to seat by there, don't, because their are no seats. What is a sushi bar without seats?? 
Thailand decor paintings hang all around the restaurant area. A creatively built bamboo wall divides the restaurant are from the bar. This makes you feel as if you are really sitting down in a dining room of a Thailand family. Decor in the entire area allows you to feel a quiet mood and calmness.

Food - (Mocha bubble tea, Chicken satay ,and fried ice cream)  
Mocha bubble tea: This is a mocha coffee drink with tea and tapioca balls. Yes, tea and coffee. Very delicious. But that day I went, I sort of felt cheated. The reason is, my bubble tea was served warm even though it had ice. Bubble tea, no matter what flavor is suppose to be served chilled.  

Chicken Satay: The restaurant had failed a second time in achieving this dish. It is a dish  where you are given skews of chicken and a side of spicy peanut sauce. The chicken had no taste. Now normally, when you do eat a dish like this there is no need to put a lot of the peanut sauce on your chicken. I just couldn't help myself but pour all of the peanut sauce to get some sort of flavor. What I found even more disturbing about the sauce was that it wasn't even spicy. Peanut sauce for this dish is supposed to be spicy. Bland dish. I was upset.

Fried ice cream:  A dessert known in the Asian cultures, were ice cream is covered in a tempura batter then quickly deep fried. To make it sound a little better, it sort of tastes like a warm zepolle with a soft core of cold ice cream. The restaurant had failed a third time in attempting to follow through on this as well. The batter was tough and chewy. The ice cream tasted like it was a week old and cardboard like.

Recommendations: Three strikes you are out!! No! No! Stay away!  Being a restaurant located so close to the MOMA, it needs to uphold strong with its service and foods. If you are taking your date to the MOMA or anywhere along that area of NYC, avoid the Thai Bar and Grill. It is too pricey. Food is either bland or not served in the proper temperatures. What they call a sushi bar is a sushi bar without seats. Don't embarrass yourself and you date by going here. HEED MY ADVISE!!